Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We would like all of our customers to be aware that this website uses cookies to collect information about those who visit our site. These cookies allow us to provide a great user experience on our site, but we understand that many people have questions and concerns about cookies and the information they collect. To help alleviate any concerns, we have provided the following information about cookies: what they are, how we use them, and how we protect to protect the information these cookies collect.


What Are They?

For in-depth information about cookies, you can visit However, we would like to provide you with some basic information about cookies here.

Browser cookies are used to collect data, and many websites use them, including ours. While you’re browsing our site, our cookies monitor your search and purchase history and store this information. Rest assured that they don’t collect financial information, or any other personal, identifying information. 

By using our site, you agree to using our cookies. They are an important part of our site, and we use them for the following purposes:
●    To give you secure access to your account
●    To enable transactions
●    To allow you to view past orders and review your account information
●    To save merchandise in your cart while you shop
●    To monitor your history, including purchases, on our site
●    To evenly distribute users throughout our site to ensure quick information delivery to all users

If you should choose to share our site and your experience via social media, you agree to use the cookies contained in those social networks as well. For more information about these cookies and how they are used, visit the social media site you are using.


Information Security

Many people wonder whether or not it is safe to use browser cookies, and if their information is secure. Be assured that all information collected by our cookies remains confidential, so cookies are safe for you to use. The data our cookies collect contain no personal information, and they do not save passwords or financial data.

Should You Disable Cookies?

Your internet browser does give you the option to disable all cookies; you can find out how to do this in your internet browser’s “Help” section. However, disabling cookies will give you a very limited user experience on our site. Many essential features, such as placing items in your cart and making purchases, will not function when cookies are disabled.

We use cookies to give you a great user experience and provide you with full functionality on our website. We highly recommend enabling cookies while you’re on our site. If you wish, you can adjust your browser settings to tell you when cookies are in use.

Advertiser Cookies

Occasionally, we allow third-party advertisers to drop cookies on our site. Like ours, these cookies are perfectly safe; they don’t collect sensitive information, and are used to filter the ads that you will see while browsing our site. We retain no responsibility for the policies of these third parties or the information gathered by their cookies.

How We Protect Your Data

Any information you send via the web may be susceptible to hacking or other acts of cyber crime, and we cannot guarantee your information’s security.. However, we take every possible precaution to protect the data you enter in our site. We use advanced technology to encrypt all of your data to keep it secure from outside attacks.

Protecting Your Privacy

This guide is provided to tell you more about how and why we gather information, who has access to that data, and what your personal rights are regarding your privacy. This website and our company’s policy comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998.Please note that you are not required to enter any personal information to browse our site. You will, however, need to enter some information to register an account or make a purchase on the website.

How We Collect Information

We collect your personal information either from a third party or when you register an account or make a purchase on our website. When registering or making a purchase, you must enter you name, credit card information, and contact information. This data is necessary for us to process your order, give you status updates on your order, and send you our special offers and promotions.

How We Use Information

In addition to using your information to process orders, we also us it to do the following:

●    Assess your account
●    Confirm your identity
●    Provide administrative services for your account
●    Maintain our website and improve user experience
●    Monitor how you use our site
●    Inform you of updated products and services, promotions, or website changes

We send promotional materials and advertisements in accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003, as well as the Direct Marketing Association Code of Practice.

Who Accesses Your Information

In addition to our company affiliates, we may also share your information with credit agencies, partners we use to fulfill on orders, and other third parties.Often, your data will be combined with information from other companies in order to assess overall user experience.

Occasionally, we will make parts of our customer list available to third parties. If you do not want us to share your information, please contact our customer service department.

Our Contact with You

We like to keep in touch with our customers, so we may send out information regarding website changes, promotions or special offers, and new products we’re selling. If you don’t wish to have this contact, you can request to stop it through the customer service department.

Until your request is fully processed, you may continue to receive contact from us. We appreciate your patience; all contact will end as soon as your request is processed. Please also note that email communication may be monitored, and phone calls may be monitored and recorded for training and quality control purposes.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Any future changes to the Privacy Policy outlined above will be posted to our website; the changes will go into effect immediately after posting. We encourage you to review this information periodically so that you are aware of any changes. Continued use of the website means that you agree to comply with the Privacy Policy as it is published on our website.